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Enterprise Risk Management ERM Debates

Online informal and formal discussions on enterprise risk management topics and issues with a vote on what is best practice. Take part in or simply watch enterprise risk management debates online.

business training learning online where you are not where we want you to be

Business Training Learning Online Where You Are Not Where We Want You To Be

Enterprise Risk Management ERM Debate
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Exchange views on enterprise risk management

Participate by expressing your views on enterprise risk management in countries, in industries and across specific risks. Join up with affirmative or negative side of the proposition to speak online from your PC or mobile device wherever you are in the world (only English language accommodated at this time).

BusinessRiskTV will define every debate

In addition to succinctly defining the risk management debate in a sentence we will gather together the opposing speakers to express their opinions at set events. Risk management debates will seek to move best practices forward to work more effectively, from the point of view of those making and evaluating the arguments.

Although these debates are open to anyone you must apply to receive emails of future debates and must apply as a speaker for or against the proposition being debated.

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