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Creating Engaging Risk Reports For Risk Management Committee

It is important to report key risk information to the Risk Management Committee and the executive board.   The Risk Management Committee must ensure that it understands its remit.

Only a limited number of strategic and operational risks can be effectively managed at any level.   It is important that the Risk Management Committee ensures that management of risks is handled at the appropriate level.   If a risk is left too far down the organisation hierarchy it will simple create unnecessary stress levels at that level.   They may know a certain risk poses a significant risk to the organisation objectives, but if you have no authority or resources to manage the risk at your level, then it needs to be quickly escalated to the appropriate level to control the risk.

Similarly, if a risk needs dealt with at a lower level then it should quickly be deescalated if the higher level assesses the resources are there to manage the risk.

Executive board needs to fully engage in enterprise risk management principles practices and processes

Risk committee best practices : it needs to set the risk appetite for the organisation after reflection of risk information provided by other parts of the organisation.   Once the risk appetite for the organisation has been set, it needs to inform all decision-making processes in the organisation.

  1. Risk reporting needs to drive risk prioritisation to ensure that limited corporate resources are focused on the risks that if managed well will bring greatest return of investment of time and money.
  2. Effective risk management processes should be incorporated into all business decision-making.
  3. The risk management committee and the executive board have risk oversight responsibilities to ensure that resources are targeted.

To create sustainable enterprise value, risk taking is essential to maximise business performance.   However, excessive risk taking by the board can and does lead to corporate disasters.   Sooner or later the elastic band will snap if excessive risk taking is untamed especially if above risk tolerance.