Women hold up half the sky

How does gender affect risk taking in business

Men and women are equal. Perhaps more importantly men and women can bring a different risk management perspective to the table. Without one makes the business more vulnerable.

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Men and women within the business need to be treated equally fairly to ensure the business machine works most effectively.

There can be gender differences in risk taking so an effective holistic risk management strategy requires balanced workforce making decisions on strategy operations and projects. Indeed a balanced risk management strategy requires ethnic equality as well as gender equality.

It is not about male employees v female employees

Men and women see threats and opportunities in different ways. How they respond to business risks is therefore different. Your business enterprise risk management strategy needs to recognise risk perception gender differences. The differences present the opportunity for a competitive advantage if the competition have not acknowledged and addressed this aspect of business culture. Your risk assessment process should take account of gender issues.

It is about creating a balanced all inclusive holistic enterprise risk management strategy for faster business growth with less uncertainty


Make sure gaps in risk protection are filled. Make sure opportunities for business growth are not missed. For both of these important elements it is important that women are present at executive and senior manager level. For example drafting in a women from a lower level will not counter gender risk taking issues.

The risk management strategy needs to be written up on basis of equality in the boardroom not by having equality within a risk assessment workshop.


Women need to be fully embedded in all aspects of the business decision making process to benefit from their risk knowledge and experience. Include their business risk perspective and experiences. Women are not better leaders than men or vice versa.

By leaving out women or ethnic minorities at senior management and executive level you may not get the big picture on risk management. Inequality in the boardroom can mean your business only achieves half its potential with the same assets. Indeed some of these assets women may decided to move to a more meritocracy driven business that values gender parity.

There is a growing skills gap in the UK and your business can not afford to miss the benefits of offering an equal opportunity career development environment.

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Women hold up half the sky

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