No point in Bank of England guidance under Mark Carney

Say good riddance to unreliable boyfriend and the rest of the UK establishment self servers. Look to a better future in business in UK with

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Mark Carney was like the least trustworthy boyfriend. He told you one thing and the Bank of England did another most of his tenure as Governor of the Bank of England BoE. He had perhaps the easiest job in the financial sector. At his best he told you what you already knew. At his worst he led you down a dark alley that you did not need to go down as a business leader.

In his new environmental role you can expect Mark Carney to be as reliable as Michael Fish! Hopefully the UK is entering a period of greater personal accountability for the tasks they are responsible for.


Hopefully new BoE Governor Andrew Bailey can help business leaders in UK plan for the future with clearer economic guidance. Perhaps he can put his money where is mouth is unlike his predecessor. We can certainly do without Mark Carneys understanding of providung forward guidance. Mark Carneys best moment was when he told business leaders interest rates would rise when the UKs unemployment rate fell to 7 percent and subsequently when UK employment fell to 7 percent interest rates did not move!

In Mark Carneys defence he operated in an era in politics in UK when most politicians and leaders did not do what they said they would do so Mark Carney probably thought he could get away with talking mince and he was right. Contract renewed – of course Mr Carney!

Mark Carney was the master of mixed messaging throughout is tenure at Bank of England. It would not be surprising if it now transpired that Mr Carney is in fact staying at the Bank of England for another few years! It was impressive that he ended his last official engagement for BoE with the 3 cup trick!


The UK can finally move on with economic confidence now that the UK is no longer led by the likes of Mark Carney

Good riddance to him and John Bercow and the rest of the Remoaners. Where we will end up at the end of this new decade will be a far better place than where are at the end of last decade.

The UK can settle down to some certainty from within the UK at least. Geopolitical and external risk drivers can throw the UK off course. The 2020s is going to represent the biggest decade of economic expansion since the last industrial revolution.

4th Industrial Revolution Latest News Commentary and Risk Review
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The 4th industrial revolution offers the UK the opportunity to become an economic world leader if only we lift our heads to seize the future ahead of us. Ignore the economic doom mongers.


If Boris does not deliver on his promises we will throw him out and get in someone who can unshackled by the confines of the European Union EU.

The UK has individuals who can lead the UK to a brilliant future. Hopefully the UKs politicians and organisational leaders can support them to grow fast in the 2020s.

This millennium so far we have been sadly let down by The Establishment. Lets at least believe for a while that we have people in place who we deserve. We deserve so much better than self serving leaders of the most recent past.

UK history and experience is littered with people not held to account for mismanagement or misrepresentation

There are some indications that this decade could be different. Things like Grenfell Tower give cause for concern that our leaders are untouchable when the shit hits the fan.

However taking back control means as Michael Gove said recently there will be no hiding place for our political leaders in 5 years time. He is right. If Boris does what he says he does and levels up society he will be around for the rest of the decade. If he does not the UK will have missed its best opportunity to be Great Britain again.

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