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Global Risk Of Antibiotic Apocalypse

A top doctor assesses the risk from post antibiotic apocalypse. A simple cut could result in you fighting to stay alive due to the mismanagement and misuse of antibiotics in the UK and globally.

23rd October 2017 One Of The Most Dangerous Crises Facing Modern World Today

Public Health England PHE has launched a new campaign to Keep Antibiotics Working. The use of antibiotics when they are not needed is creating a global crisis. PHE is trying to persuade people in the UK to not ask for antibiotics this winter. It says antibiotic resistance is not a distant threat but is in fact one of the most dangerous global crises facing the modern world today.

Chief Medical Officer in UK Says The World Is Facing An Antibiotic Apocalypse

Immediate ad sustained investment in the risk management from ineffective antibiotics is required to head off a nightmare where people are dying from simple injuries and ailments. Action is required to change the use and misuse of antibiotics around the world.

Life saving operations may not be possible simple injuries may result in fatalities and simple ailments may become untreatable if antibiotics are not used more sparingly in animals as well as humans. There is a growing threat from antibiotic resistance.

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