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BusinessRiskTV.com Leeds Business Expo is an online virtual business trade show to showcase your business.   Sell more profitably on our online business trade fair for Leeds business leaders.   Network with like-minded people wanting to sell or shop in Leeds.

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Work with BusinessRiskTV.com to create a Leeds Business Hub with the aim of promoting marketing and advertising Leeds business products and services to other Leeds Exhibition members and further afield in UK and overseas.

Yorkshire Exhibitions

Discover the best business products or services to buy in Leeds

Easy to find what you want in Leeds.   Sell more in Leeds and further afield online.

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Increase business growth and productivity in Leeds area

Find ways to grow your business in Leeds faster and improve productivity where your will produce more with the same resources.

Expand your horizons.   Export more overseas from Leeds.   Find new customers around the world to grow your business in Leeds faster.

building better business opportunities for sustainable global business growth

Are you a business leader in Leeds looking to export more?

Leeds Business Risk Consulting

Manage risk and the effect of uncertainty on your business objectives.   What are the key risks facing businesses in the Leeds area.   Build up your business resilience regardless of internal or external risk drivers.   Using enterprise risk management business skills, we work with clients to improve business performance.

Find out more about Leeds corporate governance, risk management and regulatory compliance advisory services.   Book a risk management maturity review or executive training for your management team.   Improve your business decision-making process for strategic operational and project risks.

Leeds Jobs and Careers

Explore career opportunities.    Find a new job in Leeds.

Post job vacancies in Leeds to fill your skills gaps faster and cheaper.

Leeds has a shortage of skilled workers.   Make sure you can pick the best new recruits to help your business in Leeds grow faster. 

BusinessRiskTV.com Leeds Business Expo

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Leeds Exhibitions Online
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