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29th August 2018 Ireland Revises July Unemployment Rate to 5.9 Percent

Irelands Central Statistics Office CSO previously forecast Irelands unemployment rate to be 5.1 percent but has reviewed the evidence and increased the official unemployment rate in Ireland.

21st July 2018 Ireland House Prices Continue Rapid Rise But Yet To Recover Value From Financial Crisis

House prices in Ireland continue double digit growth according to Residential Property Price index. House prices in Ireland are still around 20 percent lower than pre financial crisis level in 2007.

19th July 2018 Ireland Could Suffer Most from UK Brexit

Irelands economy could reduce by 4 percent if the UK and the EU fail to agree a Brexit deal according to the International Monetary Fund IMF.

Ireland has particular dependency on trading with the UK. A no deal Brexit could reduce the whole European Unions EU economic growth by 1.5 percent.

A soft Brexit with the UK out of the customs union but retaining access to the single market and agreeing to abide by EU rules would imply almost zero cost for the EU as a whole IMF Report

A standard free trade deal of the type agreed between Canada and the EU could cause EU economic growth loss of 0.8 percent.

The UKs International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox claims Irelands economy could reduce by up to 8 percent if the EU did not agree a deal with Britain.

Many believe a no deal Brexit is more likely now than ever before.

The UK is among the top three main trading partners of the euro area IMF Report

What do you think? Do you think Ireland will suffer more than the UK from UK no deal hard Brexit? Will there be a deal on UK Brexit?

No Deal Brexit
Will Ireland suffer most from UK no deal Brexit

20th June 2018 Mortgage Arrears In Ireland Declining

The number of Irish homeowners in mortgage arrears for more than 90 days fell to 6.7 percent in the first quarter of 2018 according to Irelands central bank.

Accounts in arrears over 720 days also declined. 30000 Irish people with a mortgage are more than 720 days in arrears. If you are in mortgage arrears in Ireland you tend to be severely in arrears.

19th June 2018 Ireland Will Not Use All Available Money Next Year In Case It Overheats Economy

Ireland has money in the bank it could use to cut taxes or increase public spending. If it did this then Irelands economy could overheat. According to a government minister Ireland could use a spare 1 billion euros to play with.

17th April 2018 Ireland Raises Growth Forecast for 2018

The Irish government increased its forecast for Irelands economic growth to a rapid 5.6 percent and still fast 4 percent in 2019. Ireland was forecast to grow a very fast 3.5 percent in 2018 but employment levels in Ireland are so high that the Irish government thinks growth will soar this year.

Irelands central bank thinks the economy of Ireland will grow 4.8 percent in 2018 and 4.2 percent in 2019

16th April 2018 Ireland To Start Exporting Beef To China

Ireland has gained approval to export beef to China from three Irish processors.

The approval gives Ireland access to the worlds fastest growing beef market and second largest importer.

12th April 2018 Ireland Central Bank Raises Irish Economic Growth Outlook

Irelands central bank thinks Irelands economy is growing even faster than thought. Irelands economy at home is expanding faster. The global economy is growing faster than expected.

The central bank thinks Irelands economy will grow 4.8 percent in 2018.   Irelands economy will grow 4.2 percent in 2019 according to bank.

15th March 2018 Irelands Economic Growth In 2017 Was 7.8 Percent

Irish GDP grew faster in 2017 than any other country in European Union EU.

22nd February 2018 Apple Tax Bill Around 13 Billion Euros

The European Commission EC ordered Ireland to tax Apple more.   The end cost to Apple has not yet been finalised, but is likely to be around 13 billion euros.

12th February 2018 Irish Consumer Confidence 17 Year High

Ireland’s consumers are more confident in Irelands economic prospects than at any other time in the last 17 years according to KBC Bank Ireland/ESRI consumer sentiment index for January.

2nd January 2018 Double Digit House Price Growth For Ireland in 2018

According to reports by MyHome Irelands house prices are set to jump in 2018 due to strong demand and poor supply.

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