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Are you a business owner or manager in the North East of England?

Do you want to sell more in North East England?   Do you want to export more from the North East area?   Think you could sell more overseas?   Do you want to sell more into the North East of England.

Take Advantage of the Low Value Of The Pound and Increased Demand For North East Produced Products and Services

More and more businesses in the North East of England want to explore ways to sell more overseas.   Your business could do more business overseas with the help of

Increasing international trade could develop a new or increased income stream for your business in the North East.

  • What is your growth strategy?
  • How will you manage the trade risks?
  • How will you cope with exchange rate uncertainty?
  • How will you find potential customers overseas more profitably?

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Showcase your business products or services locally in North East England and market the North East of England globally :

  1. cheaper
  2. more profitably
  3. more sustainably

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