Another example of poor execution information technology in NHS in UK

NHS IT Project Failure Case Studies With

Technology Threats and Opportunities

The NHS as a customer has consistently failed to procure and execute information technology IT contracts. Billions of pounds have been wasted by the NHS IT project procurement and delivery systems. Across the UK the NHS awards contracts that fail to reach maturity.

Why is the NHS so incompetent when it comes to delivery of IT projects?


GP surgeries in Wales are being informed that the planned project to deliver new computer software handling prescriptions and medical records has been scrapped wasting taxpayers money.

A contract to deliver the new IT system was awarded to Microtest but this has now been terminated by mutual agreement between Microtest and NHS Wales.

Microtest had been awarded the IT project in 2018 to deliver and implement the new NHS Wales records systems beginning in January 2020.

NHS Wales may now say that that the mutual decision to terminate the IT project is in the best interests of patients and people in Wales but thousands of pounds have been wasted on start up costs in payments to Microtest.

50 million pounds has been committed by Welsh government to improving NHS information technology systems in Wales. Lets hope as a client the NHS Wales can make a better fist of IT project procurement in future that does not waste millions of pounds. GPs in Wales will continue to use their current clinical computer systems.

An NHS patient record system for England was abandoned just a few years ago costing UK taxpayers well over 10 billion pounds. There is a systemic failure to draw up and deliver IT projects in the NHS.


It is not complicated to award successful IT projects. It is complex to deliver clinical IT systems that are fit for purpose will improve clinical working practices and make administration more efficient. However it should not be beyond the skills of good project managers to deliver IT upgrades. The NHS across the UK and its chosen IT expert contractors consistently prove otherwise.

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Another example of poor execution information technology in NHS

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BusinessRiskTV Another example of poor execution information technology in NHS in UK

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