Diversify supply chains to reduce reliance on one country or supplier

Reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions with BusinessRiskTV.com

Should one supplier be shutdown for whatever reason your business should be able to continue without interruption. At the very least ensure you have alternative risk control measures to react to normal supply interruptions. The proximate cause of the supply chain disruption could be wide and varied including fire political social unrest natural disaster or even something called coronavirus.

Assessing the risks from your supply chain is critical to the resilience of your business. Diversifying supply chain can increase costs but need not automatically follow.

Reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions

Adapt quickly to changes within the supply chain to minimise the risk of disruptions to your business performance. Scan the horizon to look for future potential for disruption. Analyse the current risks and take appropriate action.

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Critical Key Supplys Should Be Manufactured In Your Own Country More To Mitigate Breaking Supply Chain To Your Business

EU leaders last month stressed the need for the bloc to have strategic autonomy after the coronavirus crisis.

The European Union and its companies need to diversify their supply chains to reduce their reliance on individual countries but that does not mean bringing all production back to Europe

European Union EU Trade Chief

With the coronavirus pandemic many have now realised that there has been an over reliance on Asia for the supply of key supplies. Austrian EU diplomats think this means more manufacturing and production of key supplies should be brought home. Whilst this does not mean all Asian supplies from Asia should cease it does mean more manufacturing is required in your own country to build supply resilience.

We need to look at how to build resilient supply chains based on diversification acknowledging the simple fact that we will not be able to manufacture everything locally

European Union EU Trade Chief

Dutch trade minister Sigrid Kaag told reporters after the video conference with EU counterparts that there was an awakening to the need to determine the weakest links in value chains. How can you mitigate the overdependence on countries such as China or India when it comes to essential goods.

During the coronavirus pandemic France Germany and USA were just some of the countries who intervened at government level to stop supply of some products including personal protective equipment and medical equipment. When supply comes from outside your own country you are diversifying your supply chain but over reliance on overseas supply can increase risk of supply chain interruption. Arriving at the right balance is key to maintaining good business performance and strong business resilience.

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Diversify supply chains to reduce reliance on one country or sup

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Diversify supply chains to reduce reliance on one country or supplier