Implementing wellbeing and mindfulness into business strategy

How to implement mindfulness in the workplace in a strategy to grow your business more sustainably with

Mindfulness works at work. Workplace wellbeing initiatives can be productively embedded in every business to support business objectives. A mindfulness and wellbeing strategy can deliver real financial benefits to the business.

Tips on how to implement mindfulness at your workplace

Engage all employees in the enterprise risk management process. By being part of the solution employees can see how their input protects the business better and grows it faster. A healthy looked after workforce is a more committed workforce working towards business goals.

Bringing mindfulness training into your wellness and and wellbeing programme will help solve or improve health issues such as high stress levels or high rates of mental health related absence. Many more days are lost at work due to poor health than accidents. Stress in the workplace is one of the biggest contributors to poor mental health.

Investment in mindfulness and wellbeing can benefit both the company and employees


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Implementing wellbeing and mindfulness into business strategy

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BusinessRiskTV Implementing wellbeing and mindfulness into business strategy