Financial success always beats other stakeholder interests?

Incorporating all stakeholders interests in business decision making with

Do you want financial success in terms on capital value increase and dividend increases? Are you prepared to sacrifice the interests of other stakeholders to achieve this? Is long term business sustainability less important than short term financial success?

You can be very financially successful and still fail. When financial success is pursued at the expense of other stakeholders interest you have a recipe for catastrophic failure eventually.

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Shareholders and customers are stakeholders in the business performance not just senior management team

Pushing for bonuses at the expense of other stakeholders interests has always resulted in catastrophic losses.

Pick a more balanced risk management strategy for the benefit of all stakeholders

The financial crisis in 2008 is the most recent near systemic collapse due to poor senior management team business decisions. The senior management teams were very good at creating extra value for themselves which will have long term benefits but their customers and shareholders in the financial crisis of 2008 have lost big time and many have yet to recover lost business value.

The sad fact is that shareholders or rather their representatives pension and investment fund managers have accepted and fuelled the poor decision making of senior management teams by being part of the problem. They have misrepresented big business owners long terms interests by allow senior management teams to get away with bad business decision making that only interests the senior management teams not shareholders or customers.

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Senior management teams are not taking enterprise risk management methodology onboard

Too often they pay lip service to the principles and practices of enterprise risk management.

  • Poor risk management cultures continue to dominate
  • Poor compliance standards are being accepted and even encouraged
  • Systemically poor risk management practices flourish on basis of a level playing field. They are doing it to make money so so should we

Enterprise risk management practices and processes need to be improved to prevent future catastrophic systemic collapses in business.

Adopt enterprise risk management methodology to improve your business performance

Guide to better business protection with BusinessRiskTV
Guide to better business protection with BusinessRiskTV

Governments and self regulating bodies need to drive business improvements with carrots and sticks

Personal accountability at board level is necessary before good enterprise risk management practices will be embedded. If business leaders cannot see the wood from the trees than they need to be forced to open their eyes.

Short term greed is prevalent within our corporate structures. If our oversight by governments and professional bodies do not pull their their fingers out then economic and social catastrophes lie ahead in the next decade.

There is more to business than short term profit maximisation. However too many business leaders do not hold to this view. Their greed will take us closer to the cliff edge if they are not forcefully stopped.

Plan for long term business resilience

Do our business leaders and politicians really understand corporate risks and how this will impact on society?

Do they care? Too often the answer must be no. So they must be made to care by other people in our capitalist society. Capitalism is the best system on which to base our future but it should not be left to greedy people to rape the good that comes from capitalism.

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Profit maximising corporations are not the flagships of capitalism. There is more to business life than profit. Reconciling business priorities is not easy. It is made easier with enterprise risk management principles and practices. Develop a more successful stakeholder management strategy for your business with BusinessRiskTV.

Creating business value is not just about creating more profit but we can make you more profitable too


Use better stakeholder management to drive future success and growth for the long term.

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Financial success always beats other stakeholder interests?

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Develop a more holistic enterprise risk management approach to business management for long term business success.

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