How to save retail businesses on the UK High Street

How to save the British High Street

Death of the High Street in UK has been predicted for some years. 2019 has been bad year for UK High Street with 85000 plus job losses and many retail business collapses. However saving the British High Street may not be just about tackling unfair taxation of retail on the High Street. What the High Street in UK offers consumers needs to change as what they want has changed.

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The UK High Street is not dead. It just needs to change what it offers and when. It also needs to increase its innovation with the use of the internet.


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Can the UK High Street be saved? Yes it can!

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High to save retail businesses on the UK High Street

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1st November 2019 High Street Retailers Business Rates Should Be Halved and VAT Increased To 22 Percent

Business rates should be halved and VAT increased to 22% in a bid to save the High Street.

Former Sainsburys CEO Justin King

He was talking on BBC Today programme. Adjusting the taxation will help High Street retailers in his opinion.

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